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Monday Must-Haves: December 29, 2014


Hey beautiful people of the interwebs! I hope you had an awesome Christmas and you got everything you asked Santa for. If you were around last week you know that I asked for Harry Styles under the Christmas tree this year, and sadly that didn't happen because in my mom's words "he's expensive and I didn't know what kind of box to put him in." But nonetheless everything else was perfect and I couldn't be more blessed, because in all honestly I could care less if I got one gift or 100 gifts, it's all about spending time with my friends and family. Anyways it's Monday and I know you guys just had your third cup of coffee this morning and are dying to know what the last Monday Must-Haves are for 2014! Well the wait is over!

Social Media:

I think it's super cool to see places that used to be inhabited by people at one time and now they are not. You might call them abandoned places. Recently I started following an Instagram account called Itsabandoned. The pictures they post are some of the coolest places in the world that people used to actually live their lives! There are old cities, boats, churches, buses and even carnival rides. If you are looking for a good new follow on Instagram because you get tired of seeing all of the youths with the same #selfie this is the account.

Follow itsabandoned here


This week I am working for a former NFL player at some camps he is running so how my hair looks has fallen pretty far on my list. But what I am excited for this week is New Years Eve! This is the perfect time to try out that really cute sparkly headband you got that looks like the one Taylor Swift was wearing last week. I love tuck-and-cover look that people are doing with headbands right now, so that's probably what I'm going to be doing with my hair.



If you are like me then you got a few new makeup palettes, and if you were lucky some of those came with some of those "teaser-tester" size products to get you hooked, to only find out about a week later you have run out of your new favorite lip gloss. That's the real struggle my friends. One of the palettes I got came with this liquid eye liner and after using it today I'm obsessed. It's called Lorac Front of the Line PRO. The pen has a super fine tip that allows the liquid liner to come out smooth and exactly where you want it. It stays on with little to no smudging, and I would think this is what all perfect cat eyes are made from.


Camel colored coats. I think those three words really sum up what is perfect about winter. I am on the hunt for the perfect camel colored coat to go along with my collection of biker jackets, pea coats, and blazers. I really like that the camel colored coat can really go with almost anything and my favorite thing is the way it looks with an all black outfit! Also this coat could easily go into spring.

Habitually Chic®: What should I pack for Paris? .


Am I the only one who still asks for cd's for Christmas? Probably. It might be because I'm not hipster enough for a vinyl record player and I rarely buy music from iTunes. Anyways a really cool mashup-cover I saw this weekend was of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" and "Style" and I'm obsessed! If you don't like those two songs on 1989 then we probably can't be friends. Also I found a really cool remix of One Direction's "18" from FOUR to make more of a dance/electronic sound. It's amazing and just skip ahead 2:00 for that video to hear the actual remix.



Those were fantastic weren't they?!

Well that's it for this week's Monday Must-Haves! Let me know what your favorite Christmas present was, and if you are going to try to find the perfect camel coat. If you try any of the things from this post let me know about that too.

Last thing, if you are on social media and want me to see something or want to comment on anything you read my new hashtag is going to be #FASsass.

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