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Thank You- Part 4


I am just over a week away from graduating from university and I am getting so excited! Yesterday I got the opportunity to go see the two professors I wrote last weeks post about and if you missed it, you can read it here. This week I would like to make this a little less serious and way more fun because it's about my best friend in the whole world, Emily!!!!  IMG_5103

I've known Emily since third grade, so for all of you math wizards that's 14 years of best friend fun!

Through the years we have gone through so much! We have been there through the highs and the lows of life. She's shown me love when I least deserved it, and she's been a great inspiration of strength in my life. Emily shows Christ so much in her everyday life, that it's impossible not to be drawn to her. I am so grateful for this because without her I might not know Jesus as my Savior today.

She supports my crazy dream of moving to London to work in sports in the UK, even though we would be thousands of miles apart.

I am flooded with memories of going to see different concerts and going to Disney and on cruises with my best friend and if I had infinite space and you had hours to spend reading this I would totally go through all of those, but we don't. I can tell you that all of those things have involved a lot of giggles, car dancing, bad jokes, and all around just being silly.


I remember going to see One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer with Emily and thinking, "What have we gotten ourselves into?" especially after seeing all of the youths in their crop tops and short shorts. Then a little while later hearing all of those kids singing "Highway to Hell" by ACDC, which is a song older than most of them, before 5SOS came out was a little strange. But soon we were dancing the night away to Best Song Ever, because that's what makes us beautiful.




If you are looking for someone to have a good time with Emily is your person, Someone to talk to about whatever is going on in your life, that's Emily. Someone to sit at Starbucks and waste time on Pinterest with, yep Emily. (The girl loves Pinterest!) Someone who is going to tell you the truth even if it hurts, Emily again. Someone who can be your best friend, not Emily, because shes mine!! 

I love you best friend! Thanks for always being there for me and being the sister I never had.