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Monday Must Haves: November 10, 2014


Well it's Monday again. Obviously it's everyone's favorite day of the week (or not because work, school and responsibility comes back into your life). I hope you all had a really great weekend, and nothing like mine. I spent the majority of my weekend editing a huge public relations plan book for a class I'm taking at university, and it wasn't fun. It's starting to get to feel like Fall in Florida, and I love it. So this week I decided to have a Fall themed Monday Must Haves post, because why not?! I love that the weather is getting colder and I can wear boots, scarfs, darker makeup and sit in coffee shops to stay warm. Very basic white girl I know, but hey, those are some of my favorite things.


I hope you guys watched some NFL football this weekend! There were some really great games going down. One game that was beyond bad, or good depending on which team you prefer was the Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers dropped 55 points to Jay Cutlers 14 points during the Sunday night game at Lambeau Field. The 49er's vs. the Saints game went into overtime, and the Jags, well we won't talk about that game.

This week there is another type of football game going on! The US Men's National Team is playing Colombia in London, at Craven Cottage. This game is just a world friendly, but it's going to be great. I can't wait to see what the USMNT has up their sleeve to beat Colombia. They are really working hard on making their team the best that it can be and calling up players from different leagues. This morning the final team roster for the rest of the season was announced, and my favorite player, Kyle Beckerman, made the cut yet again! What do you think the score of game is going to be? I'm saying United States 2 Colombia 1.

Social Media:

Recently, I discovered the cutest and most perfect Instagram account in the entire world! There's a mom who makes stunning outfits and dresses that are almost exact replicas of Disney princesses, Disney character inspired outfits, and even ensembles that are so close different things cast members wear at the parks. The pictures that the mom posts on Instagram are beautiful, and you can definitely see how excited her daughter, Lane, is to meet the different characters and make new friends at the park.

Follow Lane and all of her Disney adventures here: http://instagram.com/ferdalump

Hair and Makeup:

Right now I'm loving Butter London's nail polish! At Ulta they have this great gift-set that has six different polishes in it, and it's called Butter London Steampunk Ball Set. The colors range from a really light gold shimmer color, called "Pinkies Up," to a creme grey called "Full Steam Ahead." I love this set because the colors are really versatile for going from fall, to winter, and even into early spring.

I also really love Butter London colors because I find that they take a long time to start to chip on my nails and the color is super saturated. I never have to do more than two coats of any polish, where with other brands I find that I might have to do three coats of the polish then it's too thick. I also love the packaging of Butter London. It's super pretty and I feel like it's something I'm proud to have displayed on my vanity.


I love fall because it means that you are able to add more to your outfit. In Florida you are looked at like you are crazy if you are wearing a scarf in the middle of summer. And you better leave that super cute jacket that you got for Christmas in your closet after the first warm front comes through. Right now I'm really into wearing all black. This is a timeless look that anyone can pull off and there are a bunch of great pieces out there that can help make what would be a bland outfit something awesome!

When I wear all black I like to make sure that there are different textures and patterns going on in my outfit so it's not like I'm wearing black pants and a black shirt and BORING!!! I love this look because it uses different textures to make sure there is still visual interest in the outfit. Also, I love that all blacks don't exactly match. I like that some of the colors are more flat and some are more shiny. This is the perfect all black outfit.

All black. My favorite look. | #shopstyle #holidays #luckymag


I've been loving going back to listen to old music a lot the past couple of weeks. It reminds me of going for car rides with my dad and he would turn on the station that played all of the 70's and 80's music. I'm 100 percent sure that's where my love of Aerosmith, and other bands like them, came from. Even if you don't like that kind of music, you can't deny that Stephen Tyler, Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards are absolute legends. (And yes, I'm totally judging you if you had to just Google who those people were.) The sound of Aerosmith is still some of the most recognizable in the world of music. If I had to make a top three list of my favorite Aerosmith songs they would be

1. Dream On

2. Sweet Emotion

3. Ragdoll

And everyone knows this gem:



Well that's it for this week's must haves! If you try any of them out, or guessed correctly on the USMNT v. Colombia game let me know!


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