Words Are Magical
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I was reminiscing about my trip to Caernarfon and something I remembered something really random. Some of the people in the house, including myself were playing a game called fishbowl. It’s really fun and if you haven’t played it before you really should. The whole premise of the game is that everyone puts three nouns in a bowl. Then over the course of three different rounds you have to get your team to say the words that you pick out of the bowl. Anyways, being the person I am, I decided it was a good idea to put “Rapunzel” in the bowl. If you don’t know, I’m obsessed with the Disney movie Tangled. So when one of the members of my team pulled out the Rapunzel paper and started playing with her hair for the charades round of the game I basically woke up the whole house because I yelled Rapunzel so loud.

It may seem strange that a 22-year-old girl is obsessed with Rapunzel and when I met her at Disney for the first time last year I freaked out and turned into an instant four-year-old. Here’s the thing about Rapunzel that I love the most, she loves adventure and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She goes out of her tower because she wants to see the floating lanterns and nothing is going to stop her. Even going to some sketchy bar where all of the ruffians and thugs of the town hang out.

I think I love Tangled so much because it reminds me so much of my walk with Christ. My faith-journey has been nothing short of an adventure. I’ve been to New Orleans twice to rebuild houses after Hurricane Katrina. I’ve been able to lead teams of high school and junior high students as a leader in my youth group. I’ve been to Wales twice to work with students, prayer walk, and build relationships. But none of that is about me. It’s all about shining the light on Jesus.

I love that in Tangled, Rapunzel isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She tells Flynn Rider exactly what he’s going to help her with and that’s that. If you spend more than 30 seconds around me, you will know that I have no filter at all. I say whatever comes to my brain, regardless of what other people think about me. She speaks her mind in front of people who probably aren’t going to accept her right away, a bunch of drunk thugs who only care about fighting, getting drunk, and hitting on women. I'm reminded when I watch this that I am supposed to be hanging out with people who don't look like me. People who have different life stories, and people who might not like what I have to say, especially when it comes to Jesus.

Jesus is a shocking and off-putting subject for many people. So many times people will let you talk about anything other than Jesus, they will even let you talk about God because they can make God what they want Him to be. But Jesus is who He says He is, and people can't form Him to be something different. People don't like that.

The journey to see the floating lights was filled with highs and lows for Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. In my walk with Christ there's been mountain top experiences and valley lows. My walk with Christ is not over. I believe there are people in this life I have yet to meet that need to hear about Jesus.

Rapunzel took and adventure that she wasn't prepared for except for bringing her frying pan as a weapon. I want to live that same life of adventure. I want to see the floating lights. I want to be in crowded bars telling people about Jesus. I want to dance in the square with strangers because it's fun. But most of all I want Jesus to be the biggest adventure I live out.


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