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Monday Must-Haves for June 9, 2014


Hello friends! I hope you are had an awesome weekend! I know I did. There was so much going on in Jacksonville this past weekend, starting on Friday with the US Men's National Team open practice at EverBank Field, then a Sharks game and the USMNT vs. Nigeria friendly game Saturday, and Sunday spent hanging out in the pool until the storms got to close. It really was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time, and I got to hang out with some awesome friends. But this week is just another normal week, but it does mean I'm another week closer to going back to Wales for 10 days! So that's super exciting. Enough about me though, you are here to see what those Monday Must-Haves are!


After such an #EpicSportsWeekend I don't think anything I put in this category is going to be enough. But the World Cup does start this week, with Brazil taking on Croatia, Thursday at 3 p.m.! So if you are around to watch that, please do. It's going to be a crazy game and I am hoping to be out of class by that time Thursday to watch, or maybe we can convince our professor to turn on a live feed.

If you are looking for a full schedule of the World Cup matches you can find them here! 

The first American game isn't until Monday, June 16, against Ghana.

Social Media: 

If you live in Jacksonville, you are going to want to follow @HiddenMoneyJax on Twitter! This anonymous person is putting cash in envelopes and hiding them all around the city, then putting clues to those envelopes on Twitter for their followers to see.

I know I could use a few extra dollars right now! International trips are not cheap my friends.


Hair and Makeup: 

Right now I'm loving being able to wear less makeup because it's summer, and I'm tan and it's hot, and frankly I really don't care what people think. But a product I am loving is Rimmel London's gel eyeliner in black. It comes in a little pot, and it's pretty inexpensive. But make sure you have a good angel brush because the brush that comes with the product is not very good. I love this eyeliner because it stays put all day and keeps it's dark black color. I like using it on it's own or with a golden eye shadow base for an easy summer day look.


I'm all for having the staple black stiletto in a shoe wardrobe. But for summer I love adding a bit of color! I love these turquoise pumps from Lauren Conrad's line at Kohl's. They are so comfortable and they go with more outfits than you would think. I love the way that they look with a black skirt and leopard print top, or even just a white sundress.



I love country music! And right now I'm loving the new Miranda Lambert album. There is a track that Miranda  did with Carrie Underwood called "Something Bad" and it's so perfect! It's one of those songs you listen to and instantly have a good day, and feel like you can do anything, including having Carrie Underwood legs and Miranda Lambert's sass (maybe that last part is just me). Just listen and you will think the same thing too!



Well that's it for this week's Monday Must-Haves! If you try any of these things or have something you think I should feature let me know!