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#TheCraftThursday- Grunge Hair


Hello Loves! It's Thursday, and that means it's time for #TheCraftThursday here at FAS. If you missed last week's post about fishtail braids you can read it here. I'm really loving studying Lou's book to get ideas about how to do my hair and makeup, and I'm loving that I get to share it with you. There are a few things I've had to skip over because of my hair style and job I work, but I'm really trying to do as much as I can in this section. I was really disappointed when I read that the dreadlocks she had said were temporary would only work for people with one length of hair, because mine is layered. The next style in The Craft is this crazy updo that I tried doing last night and found my hair was way to long for! Then Lou goes into a style with bangs or fringe, which I don't have... The struggle of getting to the next look for this week was real. Then she talks about how she gets her awesome platinum hair, which is almost a super light lilac instead of silver and I wish I could do it, but my job will not allow me to because of the whole "you have to look professional" thing. But I think I could definitely pull off platinum hair and I would love to do it one day!

Lou then talks about getting a clip-in weave and dying it for an easy weekend look, which I will probably do later in the summer so be on the lookout for that! Then there's a look for blondes, which I am not so NEXT!

And finally we get to this week's look- Grunge Hair! I love this super textured look, especially because I have straight hair... like "I don't even own a straightener" straight.

So to started with just washed hair and I waited a little while for it to dry (about half-way). Then I added a bunch of Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray. I love this product and use it almost everyday for everything from braids to buns, tucking my hair around headbands or just adding texture, it's perfect!


Then I twisted two big sections of hair and put them into buns on top of my head. If you hair isn't really long or thick like mine, one bun like this should be fine. Then I got out my hairdryer to start drying the buns. Lou says to alternate between the hot and cold settings on a medium heat so that's what I did. About three-quarters of the way through drying I took the buns down to dry my hair upside down while scrunching it to keep the texture build-up going.

So after I finished, or what I thought was finished drying my hair, I let everything sit for a little while. My hair sure has a lot of texture, even though these pictures don't really show it. (Sometimes I find that it's hard to photograph details in dark colored hair.)

I still didn't think my hair had enough texture for what The Craft was showing so I added a bit of Fudge Urban Surfer Wax and scrunched and mixed and messed up my hair even more! Then to keep the grunge wave going I put my hair up in a messy bun while I did my makeup.



Here's the final look for the day! I think it turned out pretty well and looks similar to what Lou's book said.

Are you planning on trying this look soon? I would love to see it! Let me know how it goes and what products you used.

Happy crafting, keep it grungy, and may the wings of your eyeliner always be even!