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#TheCraftThursday- Fishtail Braids


Hello loves! So I hope you read my post from Tuesday talking about how I was going to be blogging my way through Lou Teasdale's book "The Craft." If you didn't go ahead and go read it here, I'll wait.... Done? Awesome. So the book starts with all things hair, and I love doing my hair every morning. The first thing that Lou talks about doing is probably my go-to hair style right now: fishtail braids! I just love them so much because after you get the technique it's super easy and holds all day.

If I'm doing a fishtail braid, it's usually on day two hair just because of my hair type. My hair is super long, super thick, and super silky, so even with day two hair I still have to put some sort of product in it for the braid to hold and have texture.

I always always always use Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray, which you can get at Target if you live in America! So I take the sea salt spray and spray it on the top layer and underneath my hair then run my fingers through my hair to make sure it's all mixed in. Depending on how much texture I want in my hair, I will put more or less of the sea salt spray in my hair.

Step one in the braiding process is to separate your hair into two sections. I usually do mine to the left so the braid is a side braid, but you can do whatever you like.

Step two is to take a small, and by small I mean like really small, strand of hair from the back section, and cross it over to the front section.

Then do the same thing with the front section and repeat all the way down until your braid is finished!

The first few strands are going to be difficult, but as you get to the middle and end of the braid it gets a lot easier. Also I've found that I like the look of the braid better when I mix up the size of the strands I'm grabbing, and I'll usually start doing that about halfway through braiding.

When you finish with the braid, tie it off at the bottom. Then the most important step: mess it up! Pull the two sides to make the braid loose, pull individual strands out a little bit, and overall just be rough. I love what Lou says in her book about this step, "Braids need to be messy so you don't look like it's your first day of school."

This was my finished product:


If you fear fishtail braids like so many people do, just give it another try! It's really not that hard and the finished product is amazing. Maybe try it this weekend and let me know how it goes!

Well that's it for this week! Happy braiding, happy crafting, and may the wings of your eyeliner always be even.