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Monday Must-Haves for May 12, 2014


Hello friends! Another Monday is upon us and I'm really excited for this week for a few reasons. I'm taking a summer class at university that's supposed to be really fun, I have a really important interview for my final internship before I graduate in December, and tomorrow is my 22 birthday!!! (I hope you started singing "22" by Taylor Swift in your head) So for this weeks must-haves it's going to be all about birthdays! I really love birthdays and I love going out with my friends for birthdays, whether it's my own or someone else's. It's always a fun time to get together and celebrate life and friendship, and eat cake!


I don't think there is any better way to celebrate a birthday than with sports. If I was in England right now, I would be buying tickets to the Champions League Playoffs Finals at Wembley Stadium in London. Even though the final two teams haven't been announced, one has and that's the Derby County FC. They will either play the Queens Park Rangers or Wigan Athletic. The two teams will face off Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 3 pm. Even though that's in just under two weeks, I would still be getting my ticket now to ensure a good seat! This is a huge game for both teams involved as the winner will move up from the Champions League to the Premier League.

What a great birthday present to myself... if only I lived overseas.

Social Media:

I love Tanya Burr. In fact I follow all of her social media accounts. I think that she is just one of the best, and most genuine beauty vloggers out there right now. She put up a really awesome video on YouTube Sunday afternoon with a makeup tutorial for a great date night. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use it for my birthday dinner with my friends. But outside of YouTube her Twitter account is golden. She post random things, pictures, and just things she's interested in. I find that she interacts with her fans on a regular basis and I really like that about her!

Here are the links to both her Twitter and her YouTube pages.

Tanya Burr on Twitter

Tanya Burr on YouTube


Hair and Makeup:

Birthdays are special and you're hair and makeup for the big night should be just as awesome as you are! What I'm using to get the perfect line and wings on my eyes is Maybelline New York Master Precise by EyeStudio liquid eyeliner in black. I love this stuff! I use it pretty regularly just to add a bit of definition to my eyes. The eyeliner lasts a really long time and has a good wear. The pen is super easy to use and you can make your line as thin or thick as you want, which I find easier than using a brush.


Birthdays are a great time to show off your dressier side! I think for my big day I'm going with a short dress and some heels, partly because it's hot in Florida, and I'm more comfortable in a short dress rather than a maxi dress and heels. You can never go wrong with the classic LBD, little black dress. I think with my LBD, I'm going to skip the statement necklace and go for statement earrings and rings instead. Probably in gold. And I'm going to add some color with my shoes, in turquoise! The only word of caution I have with the little black dress is to make it interesting with a cool cutout or some sort of texture.

This dress is similar to what I might wear.

BB Dakota 'Renley' Lace Fit & Flare Dress (Nordstrom Exclusive)


I'm going super typical here because you only turn 22 one time and this is my moment! Taylor Swift's "22" is going to be my anthem on my birthday. I'm pretty sure everyone sends this song to their friends on their 22nd birthday, and I'm sure my friends will be no different. So in case you've forgotten how catchy this song is, here's the music video!



So there you have it! All of the things to make a birthday week awesome! And if you're reading this and thinking, "Man I wonder what Megan wants for her birthday?" The answer is a date with Harry Styles.