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Toy Story 4: The Disney Cruise


We were chosen after years of being stuck in the closet in that plastic bin with all the other toys. There was Ham, Rex, Robin Hood, Flick, and all of our other friends, but Megan and Megan's mom chose us! We were so excited, because for the first time in forever there'll be music, there'll be light. For the first time in forever, I'll be dancing through the night!  After listening into a few conversations between Megan and her mom while they put things back in the closet we found out we were going on a Disney Cruise with the family upon the Disney Wonder! Oh sorry, let me introduce myself! My name is Cricket, you know, from Disney's Mulan. I, along with my fellow castmate Mushu and Penguin from Mary Poppins were chosen to go on vacation with Megan and her mom and dad. This is our story of the five days aboard the prettiest ship to sail the ocean and all of our grand adventures. We couldn't really help Megan and her family get packed because just like in Toy Story we can't let humans know toys are alive! So we just sat by and watched. But on Saturday we were on our way, and even though the ship didn't leave from Miami until Sunday, Megan's mom booked aIMG_5221 room at a beach-front hotel for all of us to stay in the night before! The drive to Miami was long but we made it!

We went down to the beach and walked around for a bit, but we were highly disappointed when we found out that Megan and her family went to a place called the Whale's Rib for dinner. Not just because we like to go on adventures but because Guy from Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives had been to this place and it was featured on the show! But when the family got back to the room we watched the sunset out the back window, took a great selfie, and listened to the Jacksonville Sharks game on this magical thing called the internet! 


This unlikely friendship was growing and I was so excited to see what the next five days were going to bring for us! Mushu got a little fired-up during the Sharks game, but Penguin was able to help him keep his cool. 





So the big daIMG_5237y had finally come! It was the day we would drive just a little farther into Miami to board the Disney Wonder!IMG_5239 Megan packed the family's overnight bag and we were off! First stop was Starbucks. Let me tell you something, if you've never had one of those drinks they are delicious! I felt like I could chirp for hours maybe even days and never get tired, but I took a lesson from Queen Elsa from Frozen, conceal don't feel, don't let them know! After all I didn't want to get thrown overboard on my first day! Thanks for the taste, Megan! 


We all made it through the boarding process and after waiting for an hour to get on the Disney Wonder it was time for us! Megan and her mom and dad were greeted by all of the officers of the boat when they boarded as they announced "The Disney Wonder would like to welcome the duBois family!" Immediately it was time for lunch because there wasn't a breakfast stop, and we were so busy eating that we forgot to take a group photo of our food, but I hear humans hate those anyways... 

IMG_5253The stateroom we stayed in was so nice! A big bed and a couch that turned into a bed along with a refridgerator, tv, two bathrooms, and a balcony! We were living the highlife my friends. Here's the view of the Miami Harbor that we had before we our boat swam out to sea past the drop-off.IMG_5256





IMG_5259When Megan did take us out of the room and we got to tour the Disney Wonder, the first thing IMG_5260she noticed was the statue of our friend Ariel, from The Little Mermaid! And naturally this was the perfect photo opportunity. As we discussed it amongst ourselves we decided we wanted individual pictures, but Mushu didn't want one. He went out with Megan's dad to explore the pool area. 



IMG_5263We got out by the pool, and met up with Mushu he had found the drink menu! We heard the Hallelujah ChorusIMG_5265 start to sing, and we noticed that Megan's dad was getting up to go to the bar. We hoped he was getting something we liked too. He came back with a Coors Light, not the best option but better than nothing, and better than some of the other options on the menu. We all worked together to help each other get a drink anyway we knew how. It was difficult to not let Megan and her family see but so worth it in the end. But at one moment, Megan looked over and saw us and decided to take this picture... Not our best moment. 


ThaIMG_5278t night Megan and her dad got selected to be on a game show and ended up losing, but hakuna matata, it means no worries! We were the local celebrities now. And it was time for us to shine. Though Mushu needs no help with that, because well he's a dragon who breathes fire... plenty of ways to attract attention there.  




IMG_5283The next morning Megan and her mom went to something called the Princess Gathering, and from what IIMG_5298  understand Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana, and Rapunzel were all there. So jealous! That was my moment to ask a princess the biggest question in all of Disney history... how does their hair always look so perfect?! 





After the Princess Gathering, we got to go to the exclusive adult only restaruant on the Disney Wonder, called Palo! The food looked great, and we even got to meet the Maitre' D. He loved Mushu, because apparently his nickname growing up was Dragon.




IMG_5318After Brunch we got to go to drawing class with the family and draw Goofy.This is also where we met one of IMG_5317the entertainment staff, named Mark that would become friends with Megan and her family throughout the rest of the cruise!

IMG_5316Whose drawing do you think is better? It's obviously mine! It really inspired me to paint the walls some more. I'm sure there's room somewhere!

IMG_5321Night two was the Pirates in the Caribbean Party, and it was awesome! Megan got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow andIMG_5336 it was a day she would never forget. He even mentioned her necklace as being part of the treasure he was trying to find, and invited her to join his crew on the Black Pearl. If only we were so lucky to meet Captain Jack. There was a huge deck party and everyone was in pirate garb. The night was even topped off with fireworks! I mean really! Mushu was no where in site, so I think he might have gotten recruited to help light off the fireworks like he did when he helped Mulan save China. IMG_5343We were finally in Cozumel, Mexico! Stop number one of our five night cruise. We didn't really have an option of where we went, but Megan and her mom and dad went to a private beach so we got to tag along. Here's a few pictures of us getting some sun, or at least what sun was out because it was quite cloudy that day!





On Wednesday morning, Megan and her mom took us to play BINGO! What fun that was with our BINGO Buddy, Chris, who was part of the IMG_5355Disney Wonder entertainment staff. And whenever B 11 was called they did this awesome dance because B 11 was the entertainment staff's favorite number because in spanish it was their favorite singer, Beyonce! Megan didn't get the joke for a while but she got it eventually. And even better than the choreographed dance was the fact that Robin, also part of the entertainment staff, did the Single Ladies dance right there in front of everyone at BINGO!





Also on Wednesday there was a great dance party in the atrium by the Little Mermaid statue! Well Megan and I had to join in, but Mushu and Penguin were no where to be found. All of the sudden Megan looked over and found her mom singing along to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" and it the best day ever! 




Thursday brought the adventure of a new port, Disney's Private Island, Castaway Cay! It sure was beautiful. As we IMG_5361walked to the water kids were trying out the water and had a face that said, "Mom, are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me." But after they found IMG_5383out it was ok, they were all in. We were pretty lazy for the first part of the morning through lunch just enjoying the beach, until someone really special showed up! Captain Jack Sparrow had drunkenly stumbled to the adult only beach where we were! Not only did we get to meet him, but we got a picture with him. It was a major highlight of the trip if you ask me. Also, Megan's mom made it out to the sandbar, which was huge because she can't swim. Megan acted as her guide, much like Flynn Rider did with Rapunzel to see the floating lights, I mean the lanterns. All in all, it was a great day at Castaway Cay! We also got to meet Olaf. He really liked the warm hugs Megan gave him, and since Frozen, he's learned to play the ukulele.


IMG_5397The last night before we had to get off the Disney Wonder, we all go to go to dinner at Animator's Palate! It sure IMG_5400was good, and Megan's server was really friendly. He even posed for a picture with us! One of us had a little too much wine, I won't name any names *Mushu* but the night went on and was great. We even got to see an award winning show called Disney Dreams featuring songs from our favorite Disney movies and starring Peter Pan. Throughout the show I noticed Megan staring at Peter... I think she had a crush on him, so next time I see him I'm going to let him know.  The night capped off with a going away dance party with Mickey and the Gang, all the Princesses, Peter Pan, and a few other characters. Megan was also invited to go to 80's throwback night in WaveBands but she was so tired and still had to pack that she declined her invitation.


Friday morning was hard having to leave such a great vacation aboard the Disney Wonder, but it was so much fun and I hear Megan and her mom are planning another Disney cruise for Megan's graduation present for after she graduates from university. But first before getting off was breakfast and Mushu felt the need to re-enact this scene from our movie:

Mushu: All right! Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty! Come on. Hup, hup, hup! Get your clothes on. Get ready. Got breakfast for ya. Look, you get *porridge*... And it's happy to see ya.

Mushu: [tossing Cricket from the "porridge"] Hey, get outta there! You gonna make people sick!

As we left the Disney Wonder you could see the dreams of everyone in the Snuggly Duckling coming alive with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, along with the guests of the ship! What's my dream? To see to floating lanterns gleam..... not really, that was Rapunzel's dream. My real dream is to continue taking awesome adventures with Megan the rest of the summer!  As for Megan, I hear her dream is always changing but right now its to move to the UK.