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Monday Must-Haves for April 14, 2014


So another Monday is upon us, and I hope you had an awesome weekend! I know I did. Friday night I went to the Jacksonville Sharks game I told you about in last week's post, and they won, so that was super exciting! I got to hang out with two of my friends and my mom at a crowdfunding festival, called One Spark, in my town. Some of the ideas people had were so creative, and the whole festival was just a great place to spend my Saturday. As for Sunday, I went to church and hung out with some friends that night. Usually Sunday is a pretty chill day for me. But enough about my weekend, you're here because you want to know what the must-haves for this week are, right? I'm really excited about this week's must-have list, because I'm adding in a special category for this week: FOOD.



This choice might seem a little odd at first but go with me for a second. My Monday Must-Have for sports is a book by Kristi Dosh called Saturday Millionaires: How Winning Football Builds Winning Colleges. I really miss college football right now, and I love the business side of the sports world. I've read Kristi's book, and I've learned so much from it. She talks about many of the colleges in the SEC including Florida and Ohio State, and their football programs making millions of dollars, but due to conference realignment, the issue of pay-for-play, and conference television networks, where does all of the money actually go?

I loved this book so much that I bought it for my uncle who is obsessed with college and NFL football for Christmas, and he has also raved about it.

You can order Kristi's book here: Saturday Millionaires



Social Media:

If you're on Twitter you know that people make parody accounts for everything. But I think the best one, and the one that has gotten the most buzz in a while is @EpcotCentre. Some genius has made a fake account for the Disney theme park and post some hilarious tweets about the different aspects of the park.

Even better a few days ago, @EpcotCentre tweeted to Chiquita Bananas saying, "We only sell @Chiquita bananas at our snack kiosks. Both Dole and Del Monte have tried to get us to switch but no other bananas will do!" This tweet story gets better because Chiquita tweeted the fake Epcot back saying "@EpcotCentre we love hearing that! #chiquitabananalove" I really hope that whoever runs the Chiquita twitter account realizes they tweeted to a parody account with over 32,000 followers.

But I digress. If you are looking for some comic relief throughout the day, the @EpcotCentre timeline is your place to go.  


Hair and Makeup:

Have you ever been to the beach and gone home and not wanted those fabulous beach waves to leave, but yet there's sand in places it shouldn't be so the shower is calling your name? Let me introduce you to Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray. This stuff is my hair best friend. I have super-straight-won't-hold-a-curl hair. My hair gets beach waves with this product. I also like sea salt spray if I want to wear my hair down but don't want it to have that super sleek look, but want something more disheveled and grungy. I just use less of the spray for the disheveled look than I do for beach waves.The last thing I use it for is to hold braids in. I know this sounds kind of strange, but my hair is super silky and thick, so getting braids to hold with my natural hair is hard. But before I start doing my fishtail braid, I spray some of the Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray in my hair and run my fingers through it to make sure it's all mixed in well, then I start braiding. I can't speak highly enough about this product or this brand. They have great customer service and even though they are a brand from the UK, you can get it at Target here in America! Most of their products are carried online and some stores are carrying Fudge Urban. You can put your zip code into the Target website to find out the location nearest you that stocks them.

Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray - 5.1 fl oz



I've been on the look for a new spring or summer bag basically since Christmas was done. I love the warm months and I think carrying a black or brown bag during May through September is not fun. So I went to Aldo at the mall near my university and found the perfect spring/ summer bag. It's a two-handled shoulder bag, turquoise in color, with a really big center pocket and two smaller side zipper pockets. I think having a colored bag for spring, even if it's more muted than the one I got, maybe something in pastel like what Burberry did for their spring line, is super important. That pop of color can really wake up an outfit, and whatever color you pick will match more than you think it does when you buy it. Here's the bag I bought from Aldo:



So the artist I'm picking this week was also featured in the Coachella blog that I did with my friend Emily from Tales From An Emmy, but I really like this artist and I heard she is putting the finishing touches on her next record. Brooke Fraser is the perfect springtime artist to listen to while you're driving to school or work, cooking dinner, or just hanging out with friends. Brooke's lyrics are captivating and freeing at the same time, because they draw you in at the distinct sound of her voice, but her songs are so light and airy. One of my favorite songs by her is a song called "Betty" and it's just a good story within the lyrics.




For that added bonus this week, this food section is here because a friend of mine has a bakery she runs from her house, and everything is homemade and so delicious! As some of you may know, I am going back to Wales in June to serve for 10 days in Caernarfon on a mission trip. The awesome thing about Mrs. Tricia's bakery is a portion of the money from everything sold goes to a missionary. This week that missionary is me! I'm so excited and so blessed that I am getting financial help for my trip in this way, and I can't wait to see what is going to happen with this. Here's a link to Sweet Missions and here's a few pictures of things she's made for my family and I before.

So that's it for this week's Monday Must-Haves! Did you try any of the must-haves from last week, or plan to try any from this week? Let me know! -Megan


(This is not a sponsored post- all thoughts are my own.)