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Coachella Playlist (With Emily, From Tales from an Emmy)


If you love music and art you know that Coachella is the ultimate place to be in spring! This year starting April 11 and spanning two weekends, the festival brings in some of the biggest names in music today, along with some not so well known bands to expand your musical horizons. This post is a partnership with my best friend, Emily, who runs a fashion and lifestyle blog and she's written about some awesome Coachella styles and a little bit of history about the festival. And just because you aren't going west doesn't mean you can't try the trends for yourself, because believe me, I'm going too. You can read her post here!

As for my contribution of the two-part/ two-blog mash-up I got the music. I've been listening to a lot of different genres, bands, duos, and solo artists. I've made a list of eight different talents I've come across, some just recently and some that I've been listening to for years, that I think should either be on your road trip to Coachella playlist, or if festivals aren't your thing just to add into your iTunes library for Spring and Summer.

1. Brooke Fraser

My first pick for Coachella music is Brooke Fraser. She has a song on her latest album called "Coachella," so it's just a given that I had to pick her (besides the fact that she is phenomenal!) She is a solo artist and though to my knowledge has never played at Coachella she has gone to the festival as a music-lover. Fans of Hillsong United will know Brooke as the girl who sings the anthem "Hosanna," but as a solo artist from New Zealand, Brooke Fraser really breaks out of the Christian music circuit to bring a fun, upbeat feel to her album "Flags." As you listen to the album the songs go from ones that are easy to dance around to while getting ready for the day, to something you want to listen to while drinking tea after a long day at work.


2. 5 Seconds of Summer

The second pick is somewhat odd because 5 Seconds of Summer is a boy band from Australia, but before you discount me for putting them into the Coachella playlist let me make my case. They have dropped their EP basically everywhere else in the world but the United States before today, and in the US it came out Today. You can bet I bought it this morning! The songs are really catchy, and ones you just want to laugh and sing really loudly along too with your best friends as you drive along the highway. The title track is "She Looks So Perfect," with some pretty good four part harmonies, guitar riffs, and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. Definitely a band to watch out for.


3. Remembering August

This duo from Wales is already making waves in the music scene in the UK. They've released their first self-titled EP consisting of four songs. Remembering August is made of Luke Searle and Jessie Hallett. The twosome along with their backup band has been named BBC Radio Wales: Welsh Artist of the Week and has had their song put into circulation. The sound is like a dark raincloud looming overhead but the rain hasn't begun yet, but you know it's coming. The songs are almost haunting in that way, but still strikingly beautiful.


4. Little Mix

If you are like me, you miss the girl groups of the 90's like The Spice Girls and Destiny's Child. You want those tight harmonies and easy lyrics back. The lyrics like "Wannabe" that would get stuck in your head for ages and you never quite figured out what zigazag ah was. Little Mix is the perfect modernized version of the Spice Girls, though we know no band will ever replace the original in our hearts. Little Mix is made up of four women from around the UK who aren't afraid to experiment with sound and have fun with lyrics. The girls recently toured and supported Demi Lovato on her Neon Lights tour across the United States and are planning a headlining tour of their own for fall. Little Mix is the type of group you listen to when you are having a good day, having a bad day, driving to the beach, driving to school, really doing anything because they are that good. (And one of the girls in the group, Perrie Edwards, just happens to be engaged to Zayn Malik from One Direction)


5. The 1975

Imagine you're driving around late at night with a group of friends looking for a place to grab a bite to eat after spending the past few hours hitting up all of the really cool thrift shops trying to get the perfect t-shirt to cut into a muscle tank for one of the days at the festival, that's the image I first got when I listened to The 1975 for the first time. The lyrics are smooth, yet choppy enough to be interesting. I think this is a band I'm going to have to listen to more to get the full picture of what they are about. But if you are headed to Coachella, they are going to be there! Check them out and let us know how they are.


6. Tom Odell

I was privileged enough to see Tom Odell as the supporting artist for Billy Joel in January! He was so good, and one of the few artists that I know of that it is just him and a piano. Tom Odell has lyrics that will draw you in and keep you listening, but aren't cheesy love songs. The talent that this man possesses to write, sing, and play is beyond what I have heard in a long time. Hailing from the UK, the British invasion continues with Odell. When I saw him with Billy Joel, Tom did many of his own songs, but also did a cover of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" and it was one of the best covers of that song I have ever heard! This artist is going to be performing at Coachella as well.


7. Lorde

While Lorde may have hit the mainstream music charts and you might not like her style she has been set to play at Coachella this year. The young star from New Zealand has made waves with her songs "Royals" and "Team." The funny thing about Lorde is that fellow Kiwi, Brooke Fraser told her Twitter followers to be on the lookout for the young star before she performed at the Grammy's or had a worldwide number one hit. Capture


Anyways, Lorde's lyrics are captivating and creative. They come under the umbrella of pop, but are free of the normal pop sound that overtakes the airwaves. She's also best friends with Taylor Swift, and who wouldn't want that?!


8. Jon Foreman 

The final artist I have on the Coachella playlist is Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot. While he does regularly tour with the band, he also has a solid solo career, where he records albums with him and his guitar. The songs are what you might hear in a coffee shop if you walked in mid-afternoon. Mostly lighthearted, but with a great message. The main reason I love Jon Foreman is not because of his music but because of his message. He is constantly proclaiming this message of love. Some of the most recent Switchfoot concerts have had some protesters, and he has gone out to talk to them, bring them water and talk to them to see if there was anything they needed, not to start an argument, but simply out of love. He takes this message wherever he goes, whether he is touring with his band or as a solo artist. Musically, Foreman is one of the most creative people lyrically that I've heard. He knows how to get a message across simply and eloquently. He is a master at the harmonica, his guitar skills are up there with the best of them.



So there you have it. That's my Coachella playlist. It's artist I like that are going to be at Coachella this year, or I think should be at Coachella sometime. If you like any of the bands or singers I listed let me know and let them know by downloading their music on iTunes, or hit them up on Twitter.If you think I left someone out, or have some really awesome band you think Emily and I should know about, let us know by leaving a comment!