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The Cinderella Costume

If you've ever been to Disney World, you've seen the dad's who have their little girl wrapped around their finger, both literally and figuratively. The little brown headed girl is walking along as her dad is walking along (being pulled along more likely) trying to get to what the girl called the "The Tinkerbell Store." Walking through the front doors to the store there was glitter everywhere and a few parents with other little girls looking at the dresses that were to resemble a dress a famous Disney Princess wore.

There were so many options but the little girl could only pick out a dress to take home with her. Who would she want to play dress up as? She knew she would be this princess for Halloween.  She knew that the rest of her born days would be spent in this dress, or at least the days until she outgrew it.

After going back-and-forth, getting opinions from her beloved dad and a few Disney Cast Members, she made her decision. Cinderella.

The sparkly blue and white dress was hers. She told her dad she had made her decision and as they made their way up to the checkout, blue dress in hand, her dad had a strange look on his face. When all the sudden he exclaimed, "A princess doesn't just wear a dress does she?" The little girl looked up at her dad not knowing what he meant, when he was taking her back to the Cinderella area to get the matching Cinderella shoes, gloves, crown, and wand. With the complete princess outfit, the little girl walked out of the store with her hand wrapped around her dad's finger.


Now please don't think that this story is about a spoiled little girl who gets whatever she wants, because that is not the case. That little girl was me.

As I grew up and out of my Cinderella dress, my mom told me we would be giving the dress away. I was sad and a bit upset, but I was told it was going to go to another little girl who would be really happy to be able to dress up like a princess. I never met the little girl who got the Cinderella dress, but I heard stories that she loved it. Soon she outgrew the dress as well. But the magic of this dress wouldn't stop. Her family gave the dress to their next door neighbor who had a daughter the costume would fit. That little girl wore the dress for a while as well.

Recently, my family heard that the Cinderella dress had moved hands again to a new little girl. The original family my mom had given the dress to had gotten it back because they had a granddaughter who would be able to fit into the dress now.

After almost 15 years this dress has been worn and passed along, and four little girls have worn it and pretending to be a princess even for just a few hours.