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Story Behind The Picture: My Favorite Photo

There is a picture on my desk. Actually there are a lot of pictures on my desk. One of the family I stayed with while I was in Wales, another of my "fake Welsh family" the Pearce's, a picture of New Orleans, another picture from looking down an alleyway in Cardiff, Wales where every store had the Welsh flag outside, and one last picture. The last picture is of me and a few of my favorite players to have ever played for the Jacksonville Sharks. One of them is still playing for them, one has decided to focus on his life outside of football, and the last  has moved to a new team this season. From left to right in the picture is Shamar Graves, Bobby Sewall, me, and Bernard Morris. While the official start of the season is in a few weeks, the preseason has already begun. It's quite strange not seeing Bobby or Bernard out on the field, but it's always a pleasure to see Shamar giving 110 percent every chance his number is called.

I don't really know why this picture is my favorite picture I've taken at a Sharks game honestly. I've taken a ton of pictures with different players and groups of players, but this one is just a good picture. This picture doesn't really have a grand back-story, it's just a photo of me and some players, but it's one that's really special to me. When I go to the arena, people still ask if I work directly for the team, or ask about certain players who are no longer with the team, or who my favorite players the Sharks have had. My answer will always include these three.