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Why Did I Decide to Leave my Job With the NFL?


The NFL, the most powerful sport entity in the entire world, making upwards of over $8 billion a year. Anyone who likes football and is in the sport management track at their university will tell you a job within the NFL would be a dream come true. And I thought the same thing for the longest time. I got the job. I was working for the Jacksonville Jaguars as a Fan Services Representative, basically I made sure fans had a good time at the game and answered questions they had about anything. Soon after I accepted the job, I felt this sense of, "Megan, this isn't what I want you to do. You need to step away now." That was God speaking to me. But I kept telling myself, this was my way to get money for me to go back to Wales. All of my Welsh friends were so excited I was coming back and had set a tentative date, and one friend even offered their home for me to stay in while I was visiting.

I thought this was the chance of a lifetime. I thought God wanted me to work in the NFL for so long. I thought this was the best way for me to get my foot in the door. Having hardships at a job when you first start out is to be expected right? But coming home angry after every game? That wasn't supposed to happen. Getting hit on by drunk men during every game? That wasn't supposed to happen, and it made me uncomfortable. Having people grab at me only to do one of two things: yell at me for how awful the team I worked for was, which is out of my control, or ask me for my phone number, which I never gave them. That wasn't supposed to happen either.

Many would say I am so stupid for giving up my job within the NFL. But God gives you guidance, and when I didn't listen before the season started, I had to listen now. I was miserable. I needed to get out. So I did. But what's next?

After deciding I was leaving the Jaguars, I called an old job I worked at and asked if I was eligible for rehire. They said yes and would let me know more later in the week. But again, God speaks out to his people, and in a time where I am desperate to get back to Wales, finish school, spend time with my family and friends, and do everything I can to bring glory to Jesus Christ, God says stop and listen. So I did.

I consider myself a crafty person. Give me some glitter, a wine glass, and some modge-podge and -BOOM- perfect Christmas present. I also like baking, even though sometimes I fail, there are a few things I am really good at. Chocolate chip cookies being one of them. I've found recently that God is in the business of combining passions into ideas that glorify him. So low and behold, God tells me to be crafty and bake things to sell to people around the holidays, so I can get more money to go back to Wales. That doesn't seem like a very stable income, but when God gives you an idea, you have to go with it in faith, knowing that He knows what's best for you. So I will be selling cookies and handmade Christmas ornaments to help get back to Wales. Along with the Christmas ornaments, there will be other crafty things, but I haven't decided what yet.

Now that I've worked in the NFL, I realize I am not supposed to work there. I realize why they call it "the No Fun League." I realize how important it is to listen when God says no, and when He says yes.

"Speak Lord, for your servant is listening." 1 Samuel 3:9