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With Guidance

It's been exactly two months since I left Wales. Things have changed. Things like schedules, dreams, and most importantly my relationship with Jesus. If you don't know about why I went to Wales this summer you can read it here. But after being home for two months I have begun to see what God really wants for my life. And despite the craziness that this semester at school has held so far, and the job that I work just to be able to go back to Wales in March for Spring Break, God is still using me and guiding me to be the best Christ-follower I can be.

When I left Wales, I never thought I would want to go back as bad as I do right now. That longing to be in Wales only increases with the days that pass. I miss the people I was with. I miss being welcomed into strangers houses (who eventually became family) with open arms and offered a cup of tea. I miss walking everywhere. I miss the communal-ness of the people within the Body of Christ. But most of all I miss the raw passion of the Christ-followers in Wales.

If you didn't know before, less than two percent of the Welsh youth have a relationship with Christ. My longing is to work alongside those two percent and reach more and more of the youth for Jesus. That sounds really churchy and religious, doesn't it. The world doesn't need more religious people, because religion isn't going to get you anywhere. The world needs more people who are willing to say, "Yes!" to whatever God is calling them to, no matter the circumstances or the luxuries they have to give up.

Before I explain how I believe God is calling me to work in Wales, let me explain what my plan for my life was. I was going to graduate college, move into an apartment, get money, move to New Orleans, and work in the public relations office for the New Orleans Saints. The problem with this plan was I never asked God what He wanted from me. I never once thought about how God wanted to use me to reach people. In the end, I realized I couldn't have been farther away from what God wanted me to do. The NFL is all about money, it is a business after all. But in the economy of God, the poorest person is the most wealthy, and the richest person is the most poor. While I do believe that God has blessed me with money to pay for college and a car and other luxuries, I don't think He wants me working in such a cut-throat environment where people stab each other in the back to reach the top.

Now what could God possibly have me doing in Wales? There is also a backstory to this as well. While I was in Wales, we were getting ready for Soul Fusion, which is essentially youth group. I knew God was going to move, because He had already been moving in my life the past few weeks, but that Wednesday night was different. For some reason I couldn't get my mind off of two things, the song "Here For You" by Matt Redman, and moving to Wales. I had sat down to pray in the field behind the building where we were having Soul Fusion, and a friend came over to talk to me. That was the first moment I knew that in some capacity God wanted me to be in Wales working and glorifying Him. But because I am stubborn, throughout the night I kept arguing with God, telling Him, "No, that's not for me. What about my family, and friends? What about my career at home? I can't move to a foreign country." But even then, God was calming my fears for an outpouring of love like I had never experienced before.

As we got started for the night, the room was instantly filled with the presence of God. If you haven't ever experienced the presence of God then you are truly missing out on something incredible. It's not something I can describe with words, but please know that as a Christ-follower, when you feel the presence of God you will know.

Anyways, the music starts playing and we go through a few songs, everyone that I know as a Christ-follower in the room is going all in declaring that God is who He says He is. Though I had heard the song before, something was different this time. Love is War by Hillsong came on and I couldn't hear anyone singing. I couldn't hear the guitar playing, and I couldn't even hear myself think. All I know is I heard a very audible voice telling me to say, "YES! Megan, just say yes to whatever I am calling you to do. I will provide everything you need. I have a much greater story for you than what you have planned out for yourself. Please, just say yes." I did all I knew to do. I said yes to God. After that, again God spoke saying, "You're going to move to Wales and I can't tell you when or why right now but just rest in the fact that you are going to move to Wales." I couldn't move. The only thing I knew to do was continue to worship the One who had just spoken to me and told me a new direction for my life.

I went to bed that night asking that God would tell me what I was going to do in Wales and I would begin praying over that thing. Well, when you ask God something specific, He likes to give specific answers. Usually when I wake up in the morning the first thing I think of is coffee, and while I was in Wales there was always a pot ready thanks to Kevin when I woke up. Coffee was not the first thing that came across my mind that Thursday morning. It was God answering my request, telling me he was combining my passion for Wales and football, and I was going to have an NFL-style training camp in Wales for the youth there. Um, I don't know about you and how you would react to this, but my first reaction was, "Wow, God that's so awesome! Thank you for answering me again and I can't wait to get started." But then the reality set in with the same questions I had when God first told me I would be moving to Wales. The logistics of everything seemed crazy, and definitely not something I could achieve on my own. That's the funny thing with God-sized dreams though, he gives them to us and we think we can't do it, but we can because God is walking before us making a way for him to be glorified and preparing us for what he wants us to do.

So I left Wales with a huge life-changing dream, among other things that changed while I was there. But now what? First off,I needed to pray to make sure this wasn't some sort of "camp-decision" I was going to leave at the top of Garth Mountain. Sure enough, two months later I believe this is what God wants me to do. With his guidance, I have been put in classes that are preparing me to move to Wales. With his guidance, I have told my family of God's movement in my life. With his guidance, I am continuing to see the next step in preparing myself to move to Wales. With his guidance, I am taking down good ideas and throwing out bad ones of how this camp could run. With his guidance, I am able to tell more and more people about Jesus because of the dream he has placed in front of me. With his guidance, I will be partnering with people in Wales.

Having a football camp in Wales is a huge undertaking, but here's where God continues to show me how good he is and how he is in control. I would ask that you would be praying for me, pray that God would continue to show me the next step in this process. Pray that I would be obedient, even if it makes me uncomfortable. Pray for the people who are going to be involved on all levels, from all places. But most of all, please pray for Wales. There is something going on there that I can't explain. God is at work, and I can't wait to see the impact one simple thing like a football camp can have on some of these kids lives.

"For the one who calls you is faithful and he will do it." - 1 Thessalonians 5:24

"Blessed is she who has believed that The Lord would fulfill his promises to her!" -Luke 1:45