Words Are Magical


Hey friends! My name is Megan and you've found a pretty magical place! Let me tell you a bit about my crazy life.

I LOVE Jesus, Disney, coffee, and red lipstick. And probably in that order. I'm a major sports person, but I love football. I've been lucky enough in my life so far to work for former NFL players, and for an NFL team. I believe life is more than a boring 9-5 job and bad office coffee. I'm all about getting out into the world and creating magic for other people. I'm a major fan of the hub grass at Magic Kingdom, and the only way to properly enjoy the hub grass is with Casey's Corner corndog nuggets. I love dance parties to 80's rock songs and Taylor Swift. Yeah, that's a wide range, but I'm cool like that. I've been known to binge watch NCIS and Mythbusters, but I also run half marathons and 10Ks. 

Magic is all around you! I can't wait to have you all on this adventure with me. 

Welcome to the party! Let's hang out for a while.